Paytrace is a financial reconciliation software designed to automate the process of matching transactions between different systems, such as bank accounts and electronic health records (EHR), for medical clinics. This technology aims to identify missing payments and enhance the financial reporting accuracy of healthcare providers

Financial Reconciliation

Healthcare Payments

Transaction Matching

HIPAA Compliant

Automated Accounting


Paytrace is developed to address the specific needs of clinics to maintain accurate financial records and reconcile discrepancies between different reporting systems


Clinics often struggle with managing financial data scattered across various systems, leading to lost payments and reporting errors that can impact financial performance and compliance. Traditional reconciliation processes are manual, time-consuming, and prone to human error, making them inefficient and unreliable for modern healthcare needs


Paytrace offers a sophisticated solution that automates the reconciliation process. By allowing users to upload transaction reports from banks and EHR systems, the software automatically matches corresponding entries, flags discrepancies, and offers tools for manual adjustments or automated corrections

Advanced Analytics

Offers in-depth analytics based on selected reconciliation periods, providing valuable financial insights and performance metrics, accessible through the system’s user interface.

Historical Data Access

Maintains a comprehensive history of all reconciliations, with functionalities to export this data as PDF or CSV files or send summaries via email.

User Management

Enables the primary account holder to add users and assign them to specific clinics, streamlining workflow and task delegation.

Automated Reconciliation

Paytrace automatically decrypts and reconciles transactions from bank and EHR systems by comparing payment number, date, and amount, ensuring accuracy across financial records.

Multi-Clinic Management

Users can effortlessly manage multiple clinics within the same account, with the ability to switch between them and assign specific access to additional users.

Tech stack

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