Kompass AI

KompassAI  is a powerful AI-powered sales intelligence platform designed to provide real-time, highly accurate contact data, streamlining the prospecting process for businesses.

AI-powered sales intelligence

Contact data accuracy

Prospecting tools

CRM integration

Responsive web design

Chrome extension


The KompassAI project involved the design and development of a comprehensive platform to aid businesses in building precise prospecting lists through real-time contact data. The project encompassed both frontend and backend development, ensuring a user-friendly interface and robust functionality.


The primary challenges included ensuring perfect pixel design adherence, creating a responsive and adaptive layout, fixing existing bugs and incompatibilities, enhancing the Chrome Extension's design and functionality, and integrating multiple new APIs.


We ensured the frontend layout complied with the design specifications, achieving perfect pixel accuracy. The design was made fully responsive and adaptive, allowing the website to function seamlessly across various devices and screen sizes. We identified and fixed existing bugs and incompatibilities in the frontend code, conducting thorough testing to ensure a smooth user experience across different browsers and devices.

Frontend Expertise

Ensured the frontend layout achieved perfect pixel accuracy and implemented responsive, adaptive design for optimal performance across all devices.

3D Animation

Creation of a unique globe animation on the main page of the site

Chrome Extension

Improved the Chrome Extension's layout and design to match the website and added responsiveness.

Backend Activity

Improved the Chrome Extension's layout and design to match the website and added responsiveness.

Tech stack


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