Welcome to Breathe, where we specialize in AI Chatbots designed for Customer Support Automation. Our service is distinct because it is tailored specifically to your data, ensuring that each interaction through chat or email is not only personalized but highly efficient.

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Breathe is built on the innovative SupportGPT platform, enhanced by Advanced Language Models (ALMs) that are fine-tuned with your specific data for optimal performance. The platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing CRM systems and offers features that deliver personalized responses across multiple channels.


Our mission at Breathe is to transform the landscape of customer support through sophisticated AI-driven automation. We aim to reduce operational costs and provide an exceptional customer experience by delivering quick, accurate, and individualized support solutions.


Looking ahead, Breathe aims to set new industry standards in customer support. Our vision encompasses ongoing advancements in AI technology and algorithms to continuously enhance our service. Ultimately, we strive to make Breathe an indispensable tool for customer support teams everywhere, driving unmatched efficiency and satisfaction.

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