Gateway to automating manual tasks on Upwork. Our platform is designed to amplify your earnings fivefold by automating bidding and proposal generation, ensuring a dramatic increase in your response rates.


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Bidlift introduces a dynamic approach to Upwork automation with its suite of advanced tools. From lightning-fast bidding to seamless integration with existing tools, our platform enhances your productivity by handling job selection, cover letter crafting, and proposal generation. Additionally, Bidlift provides real-time notifications and analytics to keep you ahead in the competitive freelance market.


Our mission at Bidlift is to empower freelancers and agencies on Upwork by reducing the manual overhead involved in job applications and lead generation. We strive to enhance your productivity and response rates, allowing you to focus more on your work and less on the application process.


Bidlift envisions a future where freelancers and agencies can achieve unprecedented success on Upwork through automation. Our goal is to become an essential tool in the freelancing community, known for boosting efficiency and earnings through cutting-edge technology.

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