Arbitrage trading terminal

Building a arbitrage trading terminal is a powerful and user-friendly platform that allows private traders to execute profitable trades across multiple exchanges by identifying price discrepancies in real-time

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One main problem in building an arbitrage trading terminal is handling order execution across multiple exchanges efficiently. The challenge is to execute trades quickly and accurately while managing the risk of order slippage or incomplete fills.


We created an order book aggregation system that compiles and analyzes order book data from multiple exchanges to identify arbitrage opportunities. This aggregation can help you find price disparities and execute trades at the right time.

Create user

Assign roles and permissions with ease, fine-tuning access for optimized collaboration. Our system is tailored to meet the unique demands of the trading landscape, whether it's controlling trading permissions or overseeing market access.

Create Limit

Effortlessly establish limits with our precision control feature for managing total trade quantity, total trade value, M2M margin, and single order quantity permissions.

Trade Book

Trade Book displays real-time transaction data, showcasing the latest buy and sell orders in the market. Users can track price movements, view order history, and gain insights into market dynamics, enhancing their decision-making process while engaging in trading activities.

Order Book

The Order Book provides a live, transparent overview of buy and sell orders in the market, offering users real-time insights into trading activity. It displays the current demand and supply levels, aiding traders in making informed decisions based on market dynamics and order flow.

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